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As an artist, my journey into the realm of tattooing started back in 2004. It was during my travels to Japan to be tattooed by tebori with horiyoshi111 , I fell head over heels for the art of Japanese tattoos. Immersed in the country’s vibrant culture and rich traditions, I knew deep inside that this was my lifelong passion.

Over the years, my tattooing career has taken me across continents, allowing me to gather a wealth of knowledge and experiences. From the lively streets of Seattle in America to the artistic hubs of Utrecht in the Netherlands, Copenhagen in Denmark, Berlin in Germany, and Oslo in Norway, I’ve explored diverse tattooing styles and techniques, constantly expanding my artistic repertoire.

In 2018, I embarked on an exciting new chapter in my journey. I co-founded Link Tattoo with a investor friend whom I later apprenticed , a studio that has become renowned for our expertise in custom Japanese-style tattoos and captivating illustrative pieces. Drawing upon my years of dedication and the influence of my experiences in America and Europe, we’ve established a studio that stands out from the crowd.

During the initial year at Link Tattoo, I poured my heart and soul into my work as a solo artist. Each design became an opportunity for me to bring forth beauty and meaning, leaving a lasting impression on the skin of my clients.

Throughout this journey, Link Tattoo has been my artistic haven, a place where my dedication to the craft and passion for creating exceptional designs shine through. Clients seeking remarkable custom Japanese-style tattoos and captivating illustrative pieces have found their way to the studio, appreciating our ability to bring their visions to life. I’m still travelling to Japan to learn more and to dedicate myself to that style among others.

Adrian Krygsman

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